Sunday, June 12, 2016

Healthy skepticism or 'practical atheism?'

Below is my latest post on based on a rather obscure sermon from John Wesley and how it intersected with my skeptical side. It's a little eccentric, but I hope you get something out of it!
... Does this “practical atheism” even cloud our understanding of salvation? And what about sanctification? 
Wesley, urging his hearers to flee the darkness (no matter how cozy and convenient one’s own “tree trunk” may be), warned them not to confuse outward religious ritual, or a mere moral resolution to swear off conflict and injustice, with the “blaze of gospel-day!” 
A faith that takes risks on the improbable can generate the kind of inward excitement and passion that leads us into an adventure like no other, one worthy of many tales to be told. ... 
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